How to make resin rings – Easy Resin Rings Guide

Come and see this ring that is uniquely yours! It can complement your beauty or be given to the one you love. It is unique to you, and it has a beauty that is unique to you or yours. Let me show you how to create a beautiful one!

Materials and supplies.
First, we need to know what materials to use and what equipment to do well to ensure we make it smooth!


  • Resin (You need to use a fast curing pouring resin, the resin item is crucial to ensure the outcome of your ring. The ratio between resin and hardener is 1:1, and the curing time is 8 to 12 or 24 to 48. (The advantage of fast curing casting resin is that there are almost no air bubbles.)
  • coloring agent: resin color (a dye that is very suitable for resin and will keep the translucent resin quality.) (Mica powder (will make the resin less transparent but will keep it rich and saturated with color.)
  • Decoration (gold leaf, glitter, dried flowers, etc. will make your ring beautiful and unique.)


  1. plastic cups (disposable plastic cups used to mix resin with good hardener)
  2. Stirrer (for mixing the stick)
  3. Pipette (the resin needs to be accurate when pouring, the most suitable is a disposable plastic pipette)
  4. toothpick / fine needle (convenient to poke bubbles)
  5. Tweezers (convenient to put in decorations)
  6. Gloves (to protect your hands)
  7. Mask/mask (to protect your face)
  8. Drip paper/newspaper (cover the table to prevent resin spills, etc.)
  9. Scissors, sanding paper

Resin ring mold

Here we suggest you use our ring mold, which is very good. This mold is strong, flexible, and has 14 cavities.
This mold has 14 different ring holes. The smallest diameter is 0.78 inches/2 cm, and the largest diameter is 1.2 inches/3 cm.
In the middle, there are also intricate diamond shapes in addition to circles. You can also make resin earrings, pendants, or charms.


  1. Make sure the workplace is guaranteed to be clean and free of dust. Cover your work area with drip paper/newspaper.
  2. Gather all the things and materials you need for the back.
  3. Put on gloves and a mask/face shield.

Mix the epoxy resin first

  1. Resin and hardener are 1:1, so you need 2 plastic cups (mixing ratio time varies by resin brand.)
  2. Use a mixer and wait until there are no streaks and it looks very clear.
  3. The ring needs about 1/4 cup/30g of resin.

Coloring resin

  1. Use your coloring agent to color the resin
  2. You can add your favorite decorations to it if needed

Pour the resin

  1. Next, use a pipette to fill carefully
  2. When pouring resin, pour the first layer of resin mixture, then put the decorations into it. Please do not continue to fill it up. Wait for the decorations to be put in, and then continue to fill the second layer.

Add the decoration

  1. Use tweezers to put the decoration in carefully. If the position is unsuitable, you can use a toothpick to push the decoration to adjust.
  2. Make sure there is no sticking out of the mold.

Dissolve the air bubbles

When you find air bubbles, please push them out with a toothpick and later poke them with a needle.

💡Tip: Methods for getting rid air bubbles in many different situations.


Let the resin heal at a controlled temperature for 8 to 12 hours. It may take 24 to 48 hours.


Wait until the resin is fully cured (the specific curing time can be seen on the instruction label of the resin).

At the same time, we also recommend using mold release spray, which can assist in mold release. Of course, this spray should be used before the resin mixture is poured into the mold.


If there are any excess areas, you can use scissors to remove them carefully. You can use super fine abrasive paper for sanding it slowly if it is not smooth enough.


  1. Do not overfill
  2. Remember to pour water when using sanding paper
  3. Don’t overdo the decorations
  4. There are many ways to develop your ideas based on the above

Resin Ring FAQ

How long is the shelf life of resin rings?

It’s a matter of personal habits. Resin rings can last long if you pay attention to maintenance details.

You need to pay attention to the 6 tips for maintaining a resin ring for longer life:

  1. First of all, we need to pay attention to the quality of the resin itself. We give priority to the more famous resin brands.
  2. Regardless of any resin, you need to avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Avoid placing resin in high-temperature areas (such as inside a car).
  4. Avoid wearing the ring while doing housework (like washing dishes, which can cause accidental scratches)
  5. Many cosmetic products (creams, lotions, perfumes) create harmful chemicals, especially harsh chemicals like nail polish remover. Whenever possible, remove the resin ring when using these items.
  6. When not wearing the ring, try to keep the ring in the dark, airtight, cool container.

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