There are 7 tips on how to store silicone molds

Making resin crafts from resin molds is pleasurable. If stored improperly, resin molds can warp. It’s like throwing your money down the drain.
To ensure they last, follow these storage tips for all resin molds. Here are the 7 actions you need to take.

Place the resin molds in flat layers spaced by cardboard

Stacking resin molds haphazardly on top of each other will cause them to warp and bend. Once deformed, the molds will no longer be flat and work well.
You need to create a flat space where you can store the molds in layers by placing a layer of cardboard on top of each mold. Make the molds evenly arranged between the cardboard layers.

Store in a dry environment

Make sure the resin molds are stored in a dry, cool place that is also a place where they will not be forgotten.

Place the resin casting inside the mold

After you finish your resin work with resin molds, there may be a time in the future when you will not use resin molds anymore. To protect the molds from deformation, there is a solution: place the previous resin castings inside the molds to keep the shape. This works very well for molds that have unique shapes or lots of detail. In addition, storing the molds with silicone castings can help keep them away from bacteria and other contaminants.

💡TIP: If you are going to detach an intricate mold casting from inside a resin mold, store some wax from a warm candle poured into the mold that can be easily removed when wanting to remove it beforehand.

Don’t punch holes in the mold

Try not to destroy the initial shape of the mold, such as punching holes.
Please place the resin molds in a single flat layer if possible. If you stack them, it is likely to cause them to stretch or deform. Once the silicone molds are deformed, it is likely that they cannot be restored to their original shape.

Clean your molds in time

After finishing the resin casting with the mold, please wash it with warm water and mild soap in time and dry it for storage.
Good care of silicone molds means not using solvents to clean the molds and will also increase the life of the molds.

Don’t apply too much heat to the mold surface

Excessive heat will deform the silicone molds. When heating, please use a lighter/hot air gun to slightly heat the surface with a quick sweep.

Avoid direct sunlight

Excessive sunlight, UV rays, and overheating may cause rapid damage or deformation of the resin mold.

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